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Learn the Signs & Symptoms of a Herniated Disc

Written By O'Keefe Chiropractic Center on March 11, 2021

Herniated Disc Treatment Statistics show that the most common cause for disc herniation is aging; not injury. As you age, your disks become less flexible and more prone to tearing or rupturing. Herniated discs occur most often in people ages 35-55, and are more common in men.

You can get professional medical care for herniated discs at O’Keefe Chiropractic Center in Medford.

Caring for a Herniated Disc

Most cases of disc herniation are treatable by conservative means. Surgery should be a last resort. It takes six to eight weeks on average for most disc herniations to heal--the key words here being “proper care.” You’ve got to get the right diagnosis first.

Core Orthopedic & Sports Medicine says, “A misdiagnosed herniated disc is one of the most common reasons for patients to endure chronic neck or back pain. Herniated discs are often misdiagnosed as piriformis syndrome, a muscular disorder in the buttocks, as well as mild sciatica, degenerative disc disease, and osteoarthritis.”

Disc herniations don’t always cause pain. However, painful ones cause pain radiating from the site, tingling, numbness, muscle weakness, and sometimes numbness in the hands. When experiencing any of these symptoms, the best and safest thing you can do is seek  proper chiropractic evaluation and care as soon as possible.

Specialized Herniated Disc Care at O’Keefe Chiropractic Center

The doctors at O’Keefe Chiropractic have been specializing in helping with disc and sciatica problems for many years. The Doctors do a thorough examination and in most cases x-rays would be ordered and when indicated an MRI would be ordered for further evaluation. 

O'Keefe Chiropractic can treat disc herniations and sciatic pain with spinal decompression and flexion distraction therapy.

Hear It from A Satisfied Patient

“The doctor suggested I get a cortisone shot, and I know that usually leads to surgery, so I wanted to try something else. My father-in-law recommended Dr. O'Keefe and he suggested DTS therapy to help realign my vertebrae. I decided to take a shot at it and in two weeks I was pain free. I saw him three days a week for 12 weeks and my MRI results came back showing improvement. The overall process was amazing how it made me feel better in so many different ways, including my neck, arms and circulation. He got me ironed out quickly. He's a miracle worker.” 

-Bob B.

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