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How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Text Neck?

Written By O'Keefe Chiropractic Center on August 29, 2019

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Can chiropractic treatment really help text neck?

At O’Keefe Chiropractic Center, we take a common-sense approach to treating the condition known as “text neck.” In addition to suggesting regular exercises and lifestyle changes to improve pain, we encourage routine alignment and spinal manipulation to maintain feelings of balance and comfort.

What Causes Text Neck?

Scrolling a smartphone causes many folks to stand at an awkward angle with their head held low and shoulders angled forward. The position can create strain on the neck and upper back. The average adult head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds, and the ligaments of the upper back and neck area are not accustomed to supporting this much weight.

For desk workers, similar neck pain can occur due to the positioning of the computer or laptop screen. If the screen is too high or too low, or if too much time is spent seated in the office chair, a visit to our office for treatment may be necessary.

Tips to Improve Neck Pain

Regular adjustments to the neck and spine with our renowned chiropractic providers will bring about swift relief for text neck pain. In addition, our office will recommend lifestyle changes to help promote a pain-free day, including:

1. Taking Frequent Breaks

It is easy to get lost in the tasks of the workday, only to look up and realize it is already 5 pm and time to head home. Spending hours in an office chair (particularly if it is non-ergonomic) can create lasting difficulties for the spine and neck. Be sure to set an alarm to take regular breaks – even if it’s just a walk around the office.

2. Ergonomics

An ergonomic office chair can make a huge difference for neck and back pain. Ergonomic support for the mouse hand and keyboard can also alleviate systemic pain that may impact the arms, wrists, and shoulders.

3. Posture

When scrolling the phone or working at the computer, be mindful of posture. Keep the screen and monitor at eye level such that the head is not drooped over or straining the shoulder muscles. It can make a major difference collectively throughout the day – particularly for anyone who is required to be consistently available by phone, text or email.

Fixing Your Text Neck

Ready to take that next step with fixing your text neck?

Visit our office for neck pain treatment today. To make an appointment, call 609-654-4299.

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